Joint press release of DESY and European XFEL: First electrons accelerated in European XFEL

A crucial component of the European XFEL has taken up operation: The so-called injector, the 45-metre long first part of the superconducting particle accelerator, has accelerated its first electrons to nearly the speed of light. This is the first beam ever accelerated at the European XFEL and represents a major advancement toward the completion of the facility.

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EU project CREMLIN launched in Moscow

A new EU project under the management of DESY is hoping to connect European and Russian research institutions more closely, with a view to using large-scale scientific infrastructures more effectively. The inaugural event of this cooperative project entitled CREMLIN (Connecting Russian and European Measures for Large-scale Research Infrastructures) has now taken place in Moscow. It brings together 13 large-scale research facilities and institutions in the European Union and 6 in Russia.

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