CREMLIN shall improve and strengthen the relations and networks between European and Russian research infrastructures both at a scientific level and at a research policy level



Meeting on Russian-Italian “IGNITOR” tokamak project at DESY

On 13 July 2017, an informal exchange meeting took place at DESY Hamburg: the topic was the status and prospects of the tokamak fusion project IGNITOR. This meeting has been realized within the framework of Work package 2 “Exchange platform” of the CREMLIN project.

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CREMLIN WP2 Workshop on Funding and Consortium Board Meeting

During 15-16 June 2017, ESRF was hosting the European-Russian CREMLIN Workshop on “Funding and Joint Research Programmes at the Megascience Facilities”. This workshop was held back-to-back with the third CREMLIN Consortium board meeting. More than 30 representatives and experts from European and Russian megascience labs came to Grenoble in order to discuss the topic of funding and joint research programmes with a focus on European-Russian collaboration in the context of Megascience facilities. A tour through the facilities at ILL and at ESRF rounded off this CREMLIN event.

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Workshop on the Use of Neutrons for Research at PIK

In the coming year, the Russian research reactor PIK in Gatchina near St. Petersburg is scheduled to go into operation. The main focus of the workshop “The future of biology and soft matter research on reactor PIK”, which took place in mid-May in Peterhof, Russia, was the development of a scientific user community for neutron research in biology and soft matter. It is planned that suitable instruments for this purpose will be developed at PIK.

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