During the entire CREMLIN project duration there will be altogether 35 Deliverables to be worked out and provided by the Coordinator and the Beneficiaries. Many of them show the dissemination level “public”.

Public reports and deliverables will be provided here.



Work Package 1: Project management CREMLIN

D1.1 Kick-off meeting_online version_neu


D1.2 Annual and Board Meetings (SPAB, Consortium Board) - Confidential


Work Package 2: Exchange Platform


Work Package 3: Science cooperation with the NICA collider facility in the field of ion beams and heavy ion physics


Work Package 4: Science Cooperation with the PIK research reactor in the field of neutron sources


Work Package 5: Science cooperation with the SSRS-4 synchrotron radiation source in the field of photon science


Work Package 6: Science cooperation with XCELS in the field of high power laser research


Work Package 7: Science cooperation with the Super tau-charm factory STC in the field of lepton colliders


Work Package 8: Communication and dissemination; innovation; education & training

D8.1 CREMLIN opening conference_short version


No events scheduled.

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