Work Package 2

Exchange Platform

Work Package Lead: Frank Lehner

DESY, Hamburg (Germany)

Russian partner: NRC „Kurchatov Institute“

Further partner: Institute Laue-Langevin



  • ensure horizontal integration of the thematic work packages on cross-topical issues and provide coherent knowledge management on all Russian megascience projects
  • promote informal and formal networking across scientific communities
  • stimulate mutual learning processes on governance and management standards, on internationalization on megascience projects based on international good practice
  • develop models of access, data sharing and user policies of the research infrastructures for international users
  • contribute to policy dialogue and joint roadmapping on EU-Russia cooperation on Research Infrastructures including close ties with ESFRI and the ESFRI Roadmap updating processes
  • provide a framework for S&T funding organisations to set up and to coordinate funding initiatives facilitating access to the megascience RIs
  • promote integration of Russian megascience projects into global and European e-infrastructure initiatives


Task 2.1: Horizontal integration and support. Lead partner(s): DESY, NRC KI

This is a cooperative and concerted effort with all partners involved in CREMLIN and orchestrated through DESY and NRC KI. This task will provide a knowledge base and mutual learning platform for the analysis and continuous exchange of project findings and results of the five thematic WPs (including the Russian fusion project IGNITOR on the best practice exchange) and to organize special cross-topical meetings, expert round tables and workshops including external experts and advisors to cross-fertilize the thematic WPs and to exploit synergies to develop common approaches and solutions:

  • Internationalization
  • Open access, user policies
  • Governance
  • Data sharing, access and management
  • User services
  • Safety and legal issues
  • Interoperability

Under this task a certain set of best practice rules and guidelines will be developed taking into account the “variable-geometry” of the megascience projects. Within this task representatives from the IGNITOR project will be invited to benefit from the learning and knowledge platform.


Task 2.2: Support to science-policy interface on EU-Russia RI cooperation. Lead partner: DESY

This task will support the policy dialogue by providing targeted and knowledge-based input and evidences on the megascience projects and cooperation potentials from the thematic WPs. Under this task the organization of workshops and meetings, e.g. in Brussels, will take place to enhance the exchange, discussions and negotiations of EU and Russian RI stakeholders. The task will also provide links and input to the ESFRI landscape analysis processes which will be a central part of the ESFRI update process in 2015/2016.

The implementation of this task will be supported by an external expert adviser with outstanding expertise in the EU-Russia S&T dialogue on the basis of a subcontract. In the course of the task necessary EU-Russia expert meetings and policy briefs to EC will be prepared.


Task 2.3: Links of megascience projects to other EU-Russia Scientific-Technical cooperation frameworks. Lead partner: NRC KI

This task will consist in desktop activities, meetings and workshops for the exchange of RI representatives with EU and Russian funding organizations to better link research at megascience projects with funding programmes and organisations. The task will analyse existing framework conditions and will develop scenarios for better coordinated funding activities and programmes of the EU, its Member States and Russia building on and exploiting existing findings, recommendations and good practice centered around research infrastructures. This task will strive for a strong connection to other EC projects on EU-Russia S&T cooperation such as the ERA-Net RUS (Plus) programmes and successors. A special emphasis is on bilateral joint research project funding schemes to better exploit the scientific use of research infrastructures by strongly connecting Russian universities to the Russian megascience facilities. Such schemes are already successfully implemented in German-Russian bilateral project funding facilitated and further developed by the Ioffe-Röntgen-Institute. The implementation of this task will be supported by an external expert adviser with outstanding expertise in the EU-Russia S&T dialogue on the basis of a subcontract.


Task 2.4: Link of Russian megascience projects to global and European e-infrastructure initiatives. Lead partner: DESY

Many partners of CREMLIN are already key partners in European and global e-infrastructure initiatives such PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe), the ESFRI-Roadmap project in e-infrastructures, or PaNdata with the aim to create a fully integrated, pan-European, information infrastructure supporting the scientific process. DESY chairs also interest and working groups within the global acting Research Data Alliance (RDA). This task will support the integration of the Russian megascience projects into the European and global e-infrastructure initiatives.

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