Work Package 1

Project Management

Work Package Lead: Martin Sandhop

DESY, Hamburg (Germany)



A successful project implementation relies on reliable structures and processes designed to coordinate and facilitate all project activities according to the project goals. This work package will ensure the proper implementation of the project management including quality assurance, progress reporting and financial controlling mechanisms.


The main objectives of this WP are:

  • To guarantee a smooth communication and delivering to the European Commission
  • To ensure the overall planning, implementation and efficient management of the project
  • To set up a governance structure of the project and coordinate their activities
  • To provide a smooth interface and effective information flow between work packages
  • To execute the overall legal, administrative and financial management


Task 1.1 Management of the Project and Governance

  • set up and support the Science Policy Advisory Board (SPAB)
  • set up and support the Consortium Board (CB)
  • set up and coordinate the Project Management Board (PMB)
  • overall administrative and financial management


Task 1.2 Management of communication and information flow

  • communicate reports and information on project progress to the European Commission
  • establish communication platforms for the project internal communication between the project participants and project boards, e.g. through password-protected areas of the project website; telephone conferences; dedicated face to face meetings


Task 1.3 Management of project meetings

  • organise the kick off meeting and the annual meetings of the Consortium Board (CB)
  • organise the meetings of the Science Policy Advisory Board (SPAB)
  • organise the Project Management Board (PMB) meetings

Task 1.4 Management of project progress, reporting and risk mitigation

  • monitor the progress of the whole project
    • ensure the timely delivery of the deliverables
    • ensure the proper and timely budgetary reporting
    • prepare periodic reports and final report, including financial reporting
    • check the timely reaching of the milestones due to the project implementation plan
  • monitor the context situation of the CREMLIN project: try to keep the progress of the project uninfluenced by politically possibly threatening conditions as much as possible

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