Work Package 7

Science cooperation with the Super tau-charm factory STC in the field of lepton colliders

Work Package Lead: Lucie Linssen

CERN, Geneva (Switzerland)

Russian partner: Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk (Russia)



  • To identify and map the research interests and needs of EU and Russian partners for scientific cooperation in the STC project;
  • To work out measures and action plans to foster joint research projects towards the implementation of the project;
  • To create synergies and exploit complementarities between STC and CERN in new lepton colliders;
  • To ensure state of the art data management and storage for collaborations in new lepton colliders.


Task 7.1: Overview of technological requirements and R&D progress, linking European and world-wide know-how to the STC project

The aim of this task is to provide an overview of technical and research challenges of the STC project and place them in the context of European lepton collider facilities (e.g. FCC-ee, CLIC) as well as other lepton collider projects elsewhere in the world (e.g. BEPC-II/BES in China, SuperKEKB/Belle-II in Japan, PEP-II/BaBar in the USA, ILC international). Lepton colliders pose particular challenges in beam dynamics and beam-beam effects on the accelerator side and high-precision requirements under specific high-rate conditions on the experiment side. Yet there are pronounced differences between the typical ultra-high luminosity environment at the moderate energies of flavour and tau factories on the one hand, and the high-luminosity environment at energy-frontier lepton colliders on the other hand. In view of exploiting the potential for synergies and complementarities between Europe and Russia on lepton colliders, it is important to provide a detailed technology mapping. A small international team of experts will be in charge of providing an overview of project overlaps and differences and to summarise the status of the corresponding technology R&D. This task will be initiated at the CREMLIN kick-off meeting. Subsequently, within the first year of the project, a workshop will be organised at CERN that will bring a representation of accelerator and experiment experts of STC, FCC-ee, CLIC and other lepton colliders together. The international team of experts will take responsibility for providing a concise technology overview report summarising its findings.


Task 7.2: Fostering internationalisation and joint research for STC

This task makes use of the findings of task 7.1. Furthermore, it links closely to the exchange platform of WP2. One of the major activities of the task will be the organisation of an international workshop at BINP, involving a maximum of partners with whom common and complementary research interests have been identified. The workshop will follow the outcome and trends of WP2 in order to promote and facilitate collaboration forming for STC. This requires a careful preparatory phase leading up to the event, in order to set the stage for an optimal participation in the event and an effective preparation of the formal context for such collaborative actions. After the workshop the progress of STC participation and internationalisation will be tracked and laid down in a final report on the task.


Task 7.3: Data throughput and large data management in the field of lepton colliders

The high-intensity environment and fine detector granularities at future lepton colliders will give rise to very high data rates. These call for state-of-the-art applications in on-detector electronics, data acquisition, distributed computing and data management. In these domains industrial technologies will continue to evolve rapidly, so there will be an interest in keeping up and exploiting the latest trends. A "CREMLIN data management platform for lepton colliders" will be created to share common experiences, software applications and hardware solutions. It will involve the organisation of expert meetings, mostly in the form of video-based meetings, and the sharing of an application repository. This platform will link to the "big data management of research activities" in WP3, WP4, WP5 and WP6 through the exchange platform of WP2. Short working trips for experts and junior researchers are foreseen within this task.

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