CREMLIN Workshop on mapping demands of Russian and European photon science communities at VDNKh Moscow

20 December, 2016

On November 22-23 the CREMLIN “Workshop on mapping demands of Russian and European photon science communities” dedicated to the advanced methods of research with the use of synchrotron and neutron radiation was organized in the framework of the First Russian Crystallographic Congress 2016.

Picture: Ekaterina Kolesnikova / NRC “Kurchatov Institute”

The main topic of the Workshop was the development of synchrotron radiation sources of the 4th generation. Within the Workshop a Round table “Russian next-generation synchrotron radiation source SSRS-4" was organized with the main task to discuss the technological prospects of a new facility, definition of scientific problems and research methods.

During the Workshop the representatives of the leading European and Russian research centers made presentations on the 4th generation sources. The scientists from the leading Russian research institutes and universities which are members of the National scientific and educational research association "Research large-scale facilities for the Megascience projects" also made presentations within the Round table. The participants of the Round table presented certain scientific problems in areas such as X-ray spectroscopy, structural biology, small-angle scattering, coherent imaging, comprehensive solution of which is feasible only with the use of capacities of the new generation of synchrotron radiation source.


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