CREMLIN WP2 Workshop on Big Data Management

13 March, 2017

During 15-16 February 2017, the NRC “Kurchatov Institute” hosted the CREMLIN Workshop on “Big data Management” in Moscow. More than 70 representatives and experts from European and Russian megascience labs came together in order to discuss the many facets of Big data management and its relevance for European and Russian megascience facilities and their collaboration. Representatives from European and global big data networks and initiatives discussed with Russian partner possibilities to start or extend cooperation with Russian partners. A tour through the NRC “Kurchatov Institute” Supercomputing facilities, through the Synchrotron Center and through the F-1 Reactor rounded off this CREMLIN event.

Picture: NRC “Kurchatov Institute“

The CREMLIN Workshop ( was devoted to the topic of Big data Management and e-infrastructure with a focus on European-Russian collaboration in the context of Megascience facilities. The workshop took up community-specific challenges and needs in the context of Big Data, for instance Data policies and Open access to data, standardized data formats, joint software development. Recommendations, approaches to solutions and next steps were worked out that will be followed up within the CREMLIN project at thematic work package level.

Another key objective of the workshop was to support the integration of the Russian megascience projects into the European and global e-infrastructure initiatives.

After the Welcome Addresses by Mikhail Popov (NRC KI), Frank Lehner (DESY) and Richard Burger (EU Delegation to Russia), the Key note speech was given by Wainer Lusoli from the European Commission (DG Research & Innovation) on the European Open Science Cloud – “From vision to action”. Volker Gülzow (DESY IT) and Vasily Velikhov (NRC KI Supercomputing Centre) gave overviews on current trends in Europe and in Russia in the big data context.

During the Workshop the issue of Big data Management was addressed in several thematic Sessions:

The talks of the first Session on “Best practice examples from ongoing EU-Russian collaborations” focused on ongoing EU-Russian collaborations and presented short case studies on good or best practice in the big data collaboration at various facilities.

In Session II on “European and international Big Data-related platforms and networks”, international experts introduced platforms and networks. What is their mission and services and what could be done in order to improve and better integrate Russian research infrastructures? Talks were given by Barend Mons (former chair of HLEG) on the European Open Science Cloud, by Vincenzo Capone on GÉANT as Pan European Infrastructure and its services for research and education, by Yannick Legré on EGI, by Florian Berberich on PRACE aisbl as Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe and finally by Mark Parsons on the Research Data Alliance (RDA).

Sessions III and IV served to discuss and present the community-specific challenges in EU-Russian collaboration in three parallel sessions. The key questions were: What community-specific challenges and needs in the context of Big Data have to be addressed for the Russian megascience facilities? How could approaches on data management and handling and on data policy look like?

As a result, the workshop clearly pointed out that there is an urgent need to increase the European-Russian connectivity, to work out common data policies, to reform the Russian cloud, and to use also CREMLIN for joint work on these tasks.

All participants enjoyed a splendid and excellent hospitality at the NRC “Kurchatov Institute” premises and thanked the organizers enthusiastically.


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