Meeting on Russian-Italian “IGNITOR” tokamak project at DESY

17 August, 2017

On 13 July 2017, an informal exchange meeting took place at DESY Hamburg: the topic was the status and prospects of the tokamak fusion project IGNITOR. This meeting has been realized within the framework of Work package 2 “Exchange platform” of the CREMLIN project.

Picture: NRC KI. The IGNITOR machine.

IGNITOR is a Russian-Italian bilateral project that aims at demonstrating that ignition of controlled thermonuclear fusion reactions will be possible by Ohmic heating only. At the current state, the concept design for the project has been finalized, and preparations are ongoing to start the work on the technical design.

During the meeting, Francesca Bombarda (INFN) gave a detailed overview on the project. Giancarlo Spigo (CERN) highlighted the engineering challenges, for instance the welding for the closure of the vacuum vessel through a remotely operated specifically designed robot tool. Mikhail Subbotin and Petr Khvostenko, both from the Fusion department of the NRC “Kurchatov Institute”, illustrated the Russian contributions to the project implementation. A detailed view into all project development stages has been presented.

A guest contribution by Ralf W. Engels (Forschungszentrum Juelich) on “nuclear fusion with polarized fuel” rounded off the meeting.

The main outcome of the meeting is to show that there are no serious barriers currently detectable that would detain from achieving the physics goals and the technical implementation of the project, and that the project participants will highly welcome if the project will receive a broader European audience and the possibility for scientific exchange.

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